Building Regulations

Building Regulations


What We Do

Regulations are there to make sure you, the public and everyone associated with your building is safe. There is a high level of compliance and legislation that needs to be understood. That is where we come in, as Kish has over 20 years of experience in the building control sector and knows his way around the maze.

The Building Regulations are minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to virtually every building. They are developed by the Government and approved by Parliament.

These regulations set national standards for building work, whether it be on a major new development or an extension or alteration to your home. The regulations are as listed below:

A – Structure

B – Fire Safety

C – Resistance to Moisture

D – Toxic Substances & Cavity Insulation

E – Sound Resistance

F – Ventilation

G – Sanitation, Hot Water Safety and Water efficiency

H – Drainage and Waste disposal

J – Combustion appliances and Fuel Storage

K – Protection from falling, collision and impact

L – Conservation of Fuel & Power

M – Access to and use of buildings

P – Electrical Safety

Q – Security in Dwellings

R – High Speed electronic communications networks

AD7 – Materials & Workmanship

Building Regulations are regularly being updated and we at KDB strive to keep abreast of these by means of Continuing Professional development (CPD).  All staff are required to undertake CPD as part of their obligation to their professional bodies (CIAT, CABE, MFPWS), but at KDB we also run our own in house CPD programme where specialists are invited to come and give a presentation and provide knowledge in the fields of legislation & law, construction technology, and materials & products.


The realities of planning are never easy. Getting approvals from councils, knowing how to push boundaries and making sure you comply with council guidelines is a proper fight. We have seen it all before and are well trained in dealing with every eventuality. We work hard to make this as seamless as possible for you the home owner.

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Case studies

Have a look at some of the project we have worked on to get a better flavour of the kind of works that we do.

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Party Wall Agreements

Party wall agreements are often overlooked when taking on building projects. We have consistently been dealing with such issues for the last 20 years and can help on any building project that require an agreement to be in place.

Most people by now will have heard about Party Wall Agreements, but will know very little about them or be mis-informed regarding their use and power.  I’m going to attempt to demystify this paranormal legislature that is a mine field for anybody contemplating extending their home, but without getting too technical. 

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Project Management

Your home improvement project is likely to be the biggest financial investment you are ever going to make, and it’s a one-off opportunity and hence you cannot afford to make mistakes.  Finding and managing contractors can be a foreign experience for those who are not conversant with construction practice and procedures.  Our Stage 3 Service reinforces the Construction drawings by providing additional information that will both assist you in making decisions and ensuring the contractor executes the project as planned.  However, you are advised that this is not an interior design package.  The Project management service offers the broadest service and would represent a small percentage of the overall contract sum, but can save you considerably more in time and money in the long term.

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